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New Agario Private servers

New  is another proof that gamers do not really care about graphics. They want a game that will keep up their interest. It seems that the gamers have already reached a satiety level on the growing MMO games with same distinct design and process. Though some of you may not understand about the popularity of the MMO game, I fervently think that the gaming community is looking for something new aside from the flashy graphic design and complicated gaming interface. Most of the gamers today are hooked on a game that will just kill their time and keep them relaxed. Agario is as simple as it can get. Agario game modes: Easy Agario, Rainbow Agario, Fantasy Agario, Experimental  game mode Flappy Nick!

Though it is categorised as an MMO, Agario will give you the feel of those arcade games that our parents used to play on a family computer game. And that is not a bad thing. You’ll enter the game as a small microscopic cell. The objective of the game is to eat the smaller cell in order for you to grow big. You have to avoid the bigger organism in order for you to survive longer in the game. The thing that makes the game exciting is that the other organisms that you are eating are actually real players. You will find this game very challenging as the game Agario private server is always swarmed with different kind of players.

In order to maneuver your cell, you just have to click on the screen. You have an option to split your cells, but it is recommended to do this when you managed to absorbed a few smaller cells. There are also some areas that can serve as your hiding ground especially for new players. But you may want to look out to those bigger organisms who rarely shows up on neutral ground. The game play is a lot simple compared to the other games, but the challenge it poses is paralleled even to the big budgeted mobile games. One needs to formulate a strategy in order to sit on top of the food chain.

The main reason why other people tend to play play  is because of its charm. The game is light-hearted and absolutely a joy to play with. Players can also use witty names and phrases for their cells. The two chasing cells will constantly give you a chuckle, which you have not yet seen in other games. Another reason is because of the fast-paced nature of Agario. Though there will be a few times that a bigger cell will devour you, it is easy to get back once you die. It will take you at around 5 minutes before you finally become a giant cell feared by the other players.

The only drawback of the game is the random sprouting of other players within your area. You will occasionally be devoured as soon as you logged into the game. And as soon as you became a forced to be reckoned with, it will be tough to control the movement of the organism. Well, this thing is to be expected since bigger things find it difficult to move.

Best thing about Agario play is it’s free. Unlike other games that claim they are free but you have to spend some money in order to catch up with other players, Agario is 100% free.

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